Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Numero Uno

Welcome! And please welcome me.  I'm new to to the blogging world.  First. Time. Ever.  With the exception of Myspace blogs, that is.  Do those really count, anyway? 

First of all, I need to introduce my blog to you.  This is what I just knew I had to name my blog.  I was thinking about it while working late one night.  I thought "Ramblings of a Manic-Depressive Mommy" was a little too forward, a little to harsh.  Imagine my disappointment when I googled my perfect blog name and there was a result!  Well, ramblingsofamanicmommy.blogspot.com, I do apologize for "swacking."  I really did not mean to jack anyone's swag.  But I do feel I am giving you credit by adding the "US Version" to my blog title.  The Canadian version of things is always better, right?  Look at Alex Trebek (more on him later, I promise).  Canada got game show host down pat.  Anyway, I digress.  Welcome to my blog.  I am at work right now.  And I will work on this more later.  =D

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